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Flip In Flash Hair Extensions

This collection of five inch wide flash hair extensions are a perfect way of adding temporary and damage-free flashes of colour to any style. Available in both bright and natural shades and in 8″ or 16″ lengths.

light blonde pasoday Light Blonde

plum pasoday Plum

Auburn Pasoday Auburn

butterscotch pasoday Butterscotch

golden brown pasoday Golden Brown

walnut pasoday Walnut

caramel pasoday Caramel

cinnamon pasoday Cinnamon

Rich brown Pasoday Rich Brown

Boruneville brown pasoday Bourneville Brown

brown black pasoday Brown Black

black pasoday Black

yellow Yellow

turquoise Turquoise

neon pink Neon Pink

green Green

flash cranberry Cranberry

flash blue Blue

flame red Flame red





















orange_1 Burnt Orange

purple Purple

Flash 8-16
Flash Extensions
Product Options
1Light Blonde 16"£24.99
2Light Blonde 8"£19.99
3Plum 16"£24.99
4Plum 8"£19.99
6Auburn 8"£19.99
7Butterscotch 16"£24.99
8Butterscotch 8"£19.99
9Golden Brown 16"£24.99
10Golden Brown 8"£19.99
11Walnut 16"£24.99
12Walnut 8"£19.99
13Caramel 16"£24.99
14Caramel 8"£19.99
15Cinnamon 16"£24.99
16Cinnamon 8"£19.99
17Rich Brown 16"£24.99
18Rich Brown 8"£19.99
19Bourneville Brown 16"£24.99
20Bourneville Brown 8"£19.99
21Brown Black 16"£24.99
22Brown Black 8"£19.99
23Black 16"£24.99
24Black 8"£19.99
25Yellow 16"£24.99
26Yellow 8"£19.99
27Turquoise 16"£24.99
28Turquoise 8"£19.99
29Neon Pink 16"£24.99
30Neon Pink 8"£19.99
31Green 16"£24.99
32Green 8"£19.99
33Cranberry 16"£24.99
34Cranberry 8"£19.99
35Blue 16"£24.99
36Blue 8"£19.99
37Flame red 16"£24.99
38Flame Red 8"£19.99
39Burnt Orange 16"£24.99
40Burnt Orange 8"£19.99
41Purple 16"£24.99
42Purple 8"£19.99
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