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Flip In Hair Standard Extensions

These temporary, damage-free hair extensions are attached using an invisible wire. Taking 1 minute to fit and 1 second to remove. No clips, glue or weaving required.

These are available in 20″, 16″ and 12″ lengths. They are damage-free hair extensions, using only top quality cuticle aligned human hair. Attaches using an invisible wire requiring no clips, glue or weaving.

Comes with a hanger, comb, spare wire and fitting guide.

Block Colours Available in 20, 16 and 12 Inch Lengths

black pasoday Black

brown black pasoday Brown Black

Boruneville brown pasoday Bourneville Brown

Dark brown pasoday Dark Brown

Rich brown Pasoday Rich Brown

chestnut brown pasoday Chestnut Brown

golden brown pasoday Golden Brown

walnut pasoday Walnut

dark cinnamon pasoday Dark Cinnamon

caramel pasoday Caramel

cinnamon pasoday Cinnamon

honey blonde pasoday Honey Blonde

sun blonde pasoday Sun Blonde

summer blonde pasoday Summer Blonde

butterscotch pasoday Butterscotch

Light Auburn Pasoday Light Auburn

Auburn Pasoday Auburn

plum pasoday Plum

light blonde pasoday Light Blonde

vanilla blonde pasoday Vanilla Blonde




















































 Striped Colours Available in 20, 16 and 12 Inch Lengths

rich brown&light auburn pasoday Rich Brown/Light Auburn

golden brown & butterscotch Golden Brown/Butterscotch

golden brown & light blonde paosday Golden Brown/Light Blonde

dark cinnamon & warm blonde Dark Cinnamon/Warm Blonde

caramel&light blone pasoday Caramel/Light Blonde

golden blonde&summer blonde pasoday Golden Blonde/Summer Blonde

cimmanon&sun blonde pasoday Cinnamon/Sun Blonde

cinnamon&light blonde pasoday Cinnamon/Light Blonde

summer blonde&light blonde Summer Blonde/Light Blonde

butterscotch&light pasoday Butterscotch/Light Blonde































Triple Mix Colours Available in 20, 16 and 12 Inch Lengths

golden brown&warm&light Golden Brown/Warm/Light Blonde mix

caramel&warm&light blonde pasoday Caramel/Warm/Light Blonde Mix








Stripes and Layered Mix Colours Available in 20, 16 and 12 Inch lengths

rich brown butterscotch rich brown Rich Brown/Butterscotch/Rich Brown

6-27_6_straight_1 Golden Brown/Butterscotch/ Golden Brown

caramel&light blonde&light blonde pasoday caramel/Light Blonde/Light Blonde

cinnamon&light blonde&light blonde pasoday Cinnamon/Light Blonde/Light Blonde


Straight Extensions
Product Options
1Black 20"£199.99
2Black 16"£169.99
3Black 12"£139.99
4Brown Black 20"£199.99
5Brown Black 16"£169.99
6Brown Black 12"£139.99
7Bourneville Brown 20"£199.99
8Bourneville Brown 16"£169.99
9Bourneville Brown 12"£139.99
10Dark Brown 20"£199.99
11Dark Brown 16"£169.99
12Dark Brown 12"£139.99
13Rich Brown 20"£199.99
14Rich Brown 16"£169.99
15Rich Brown 12"£139.99
16Chestnut Brown 20"£199.99
17Chestnut Brown 16"£169.99
18Chestnut Brown 12"£139.99
19Golden Brown 20"£199.99
20Golden Brown 16"£169.99
21Golden Brown 12"£139.99
22Walnut 20"£199.99
23Walnut 16"£169.99
24Walnut 12"£139.99
25Dark Cinnamon 20"£199.99
26Dark cinnamon 16"£169.99
27Dark Cinnamon 12"£139.99
28Caramel 20"£199.99
29Caramel 16"£169.99
30Caramel 12"£139.99
31Cinnamon 20"£199.99
32Cinnamon 16"£169.99
33Cinnamon 12"£139.99
34Honey Blonde 20"£199.99
35Honey Blonde 16"£169.99
36Honey Blonde 12"£139.99
37Sun Blonde 20"£199.99
38Sun Blonde 16"£169.99
39Sun Blonde 12"£139.99
40Summer Blonde 20"£199.99
41Summer Blonde 16"£169.99
42Summer Blonde 12"£139.99
43Butterscotch 20"£199.99
44Butterscotch 16"£169.99
45Butterscotch 12"£139.99
46Light Auburn 20"£199.99
47Light Auburn 16"£169.99
48Light Auburn 12"£139.99
49Auburn 20"£199.99
50Auburn 16"£169.99
51Auburn 12"£139.99
52Plum 20"£199.99
53Plum 16"£169.99
54Plum 12"£139.99
55Light Blonde 20"£199.99
56Light Blonde 16"£169.99
57Light Blonde 12"£139.99
58Vanilla Blonde 20"£199.99
59Vanilla Blonde 16"£169.99
60Vanilla Blonde 12"£139.99
61Rich Brown/Light Auburn 20"£199.99
62Rich Brown/Light Auburn 16"£169.99
63Rich Brown/Light Auburn 12!£139.99
64Golden Brown/Butterscotch 20"£199.99
65Golden Brown/Butterscotch 16"£169.99
66Golden Brown/Butterscotch 12"£139.99
67Golden Brown/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
68Golden Brown/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
69Golden Brown/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
70Dark Cinnamon/Warm Blonde 20"£199.99
71Dark Cinnamon/Warm Blonde 16"£169.99
72Dark Cinnamon/Warm Blonde 12"£139.99
73Caramel/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
74Caramel/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
75Caramel/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
76Golden Blonde/Summer Blonde 20"£199.99
77Golden Blonde/Summer Blonde 16"£169.99
78Golden Blonde/Summer Blonde 12"£139.99
79Cinnamon/Sun Blonde 20"£199.99
80Cinnamon/Sun Blonde 16"£169.99
81Cinnamon/Sun Blonde 12"£139.99
82Cinnamon/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
83Cinnamon/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
84Cinnamon/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
85Summer Blonde/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
86Summer Blonde/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
87Summer Blonde/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
88Butterscotch/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
89Butterscotch/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
90Butterscotch/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
91Golden Brown/Warm/Light Blonde Mix 20"£199.99
92Golden Brown/Warm/Light Blonde Mix 16"£169.99
93Golden Brown/Warm/Light Blonde Mix 12"£139.99
94Caramel/Warm/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
95Caramel/Warm/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
96Caramel/Warm/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
97Rich Brown/Butterscotch/Rich Brown 20"£199.99
98Rich Brown/Butterscotch/Rich Brown 16"£169.99
99Rich Brown/Butterscotch/Rich Brown 12"£139.99
100Golden Brown/Butterscotch/Golden Brown 20"£199.99
101Golden Brown/Butterscotch/Golden Brown 16"£169.99
102Golden Brown/Butterscotch/Golden Brown 12"£139.99
103Caramel/Light Blonde/Light Blonde 20"£199.99
104Caramel/Light Blonde/Light Blonde 16"£169.99
105Caramel/Light Blonde/Light Blonde 12"£139.99
106Cinnamon/Light Blonde/Light Blonde£199.99
107Cinnamon/Light Blonde/Light Blonde£169.99
108Cinnamon/Light Blonde/Light Blonde£139.99
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